COBIT® Foundation Certificate Program

3-Day Course

Course Overview

The COBIT®   Foundation Certificate program is intended to enable the course participants to apply the COBIT®   Governance Framework guidelines to their IT Service Management programs.

This program is offered over a 2.5-day period and includes approximately 20 hours of student-instructor interaction; a 1.0 hours formal certification exam on the afternoon of the third day.  The Examination is comprised of 40 multiple choice questions. The standard duration of the exam is 60 minutes.

The course is taught by experience instructors who bring real life experiences into the classroom, the deliver approach combines theoretical and hands-on knowledge transfer, including exercises.


3 Days


- Instructor led Classroom environment

- Virtual web based


The target group for this program is:

  • Individuals who require an understanding of COBIT®   Governance framework, associated processes and how it may be used to enhance the quality of IT service management within an organization.
  • IT professionals that are working within an organization that has adopted and adapted ITSM as its standard to managing IT Services
  • This may include but is not limited to, IT professionals, business managers and business process owners.


There are no formal prerequisites for this program. However, it is recommended that course participants possess:

  • General knowledge of ITSM best practices
  • 2 to 4 years professional experience working in IT Service Management environment

Content and Objectives

Through a series of lectures designed at achieving a clear understanding of the COBIT®

Governance and through various exercises, assignments and discussions, participants will gain the necessary knowledge enabling them to discover and better understand:

  • How IT management issues are affecting organizations
  • The need for a control framework driven by the need for IT Governance
  • How COBIT®  meets the requirement for an IT Governance Framework
  • How COBIT®  is used with other standards and best practices
  • The functions that COBIT®  provides and the benefits of using COBIT®
  • The COBIT®  Framework and all the components of COBIT®  (Control Objectives, Control Practices, Management Guidelines, Assurance Guidelines)
  • How to apply COBIT®  in a practical situation
  • How the use of COBIT®  is supported by the ITGI

The Course Content addresses the following:

  • Need for an IT control framework and how this is addressed by COBIT®
  • The elements of the COBIT®  Framework with practical examples
  • IT governance issues and how COBIT®  addresses the need for sound IT governance
  • The components of the COBIT®  Framework
  • How to apply COBIT®  in practice


1. Introduction to COBIT®

  • Positioning of COBIT®  from control objectives to IT governance
  • Governance concepts and IT issues and how COBIT®  is useful in these matters

2. The need for control and a control framework

  • What is the business risk?
  • Achieving business objectives
  • Defining what is control
  • How to control and manage IT processes
  • The benefits of using COBIT®  to support control and governance of IT

3. Introduction to COBIT® Terminology

  • COBIT®  as an IT Framework
  • The Information Criteria
  • Information Resources
  • The Domains
  • The IT Processes
  • The Control Objectives
  • The Management Guidelines
  • The Audit Guidelines

4. Applying COBIT® in practice

5. Introduction to Implementation Tools


Program Material

The program includes the following program material:

  • Student binder
    • Instructor presentation
    • COBIT®  4.1 material
    • Quiz questions
    • Added value information
    • Acronyms and glossary

Simulation and practical application

We provide the students with real life experiences; we use the client organization as “Case study” example for the purpose of discussion to show the value of using best practice. We integrate group exercises and sample exam questions to simulate and practice the subject matter.

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